Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Seniors Blue Book

Contributed by Deanna Page


One of the biggest requests that we receive from family caregivers is for information on local, state, and national resources and programs that can help them and their aging loved ones. There’s a plethora of resources and information available out there, but how do they hear about what’s available to them?


Well one of the biggest resources that can assist family caregivers and older adults with the question of “Where do I start?” in terms of finding resources is the Seniors Blue Book! The Seniors Blue Book is “a comprehensive source of services, senior housing options, resources and information”. The Seniors Blue Book and can help connect you to local community resources and services to assist with the aging process and decision-making needs.


In the Pittsburgh area, the Seniors Blue Book can be found at hundreds of locations throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, including local hospitals, physician offices, senior centers, libraries, home health agencies, senior housing and retirement communities, health fairs, Kuhn’s Markets and most gathering places for seniors.  There are over 70 categories of information included in the Book, and they include listings for all available services in the Pittsburgh area, not just paid advertisers, so that they can offer the most complete guide to the community. The Seniors Blue Book is also a great guide for professionals working with caregivers and older adults, including social workers, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, counselors, etc.


To order a free copy for yourself or your company, you can visit their website at and click the link to order FREE copies! You can also access the same resources available in the Book at their website and can learn about local upcoming events and find helpful articles too. Don’t miss out on accessing this helpful resource for caregivers and older adults in the Pittsburgh area!